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We are pleased to announce that we have recently started working with Co-Living Group on their new website, covering online lead generation and search engine optimisation (SEO). Having redone their older, less responsive website, Co-Living Group have needed to get their much-improved new website up to scratch and thus, the SEO is a big part of this.

Co-Living Group work to purchase and repurpose disused and underutilised premises, to convert them into co-living spaces, communal living spaces in urban city centres for young professionals to live in and enjoy.

We have been working to ensure the new website not only looks and feels better than the last, but that it can consistently perform well online and specifically on Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Baidu. The importance of getting their site indexed properly on global search engines is key, at a time where more people than ever are working from and spending more time at home. It is more important than ever to be discoverable by Google and other well-known search engines.

Work We Are Doing for Co-Living Group

SEO is very much a moving picture, and therefore, there is no amount of work which makes a project ‘complete.’ Thus, we are working on a number of key elements, all of which are integral to the Co-Living Group website’s ranking on search engines:

Website Crawling – First and foremost, ensuring the new website can be seen, read and understood by Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo and others is key to any SEO campaign because after all, if the site can’t even be read and ranked by search engines, any subsequent work will be fruitless. We are therefore working on all Google ranking factors including the website’s meta data, on page content and titles, website architecture and the website’s source code, upon which the entire platform is built.

Site Content – Another key element of the works is the focus on the content and content planning of the Co-Living website and brand. There ultimately needs to be content for users to be able to read and understand for any website to rank. There should also be a focus on specific search terms and areas, achieved through targeted and well-written content.

Links & PR – All websites and brand need online PR and when it comes to SEO, there needs to be the correctly formatted and constructed backlinks to the website in question too. Co-Living Group’s website is no different and we are working to generate as much natural and strong PR for the brand and website as possible.

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