Tudor Lodge Consultants are working with Casino Viking

We are delighted to be working with Casino Viking, a new operator in the highly competitive casino industry and helping them maximise their organic search presence on Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

The casino industry is very competitive with both real and online casinos and lots of new brands and affiliates are trying to grab the elusive top positions on Google to attract new customers and get the lowest acquisition costs possible.

What We Are Doing For The Client

CasinoViking run a number of sites in the gambling affiliate space and our role is to maximise their search positions on Google using a host of SEO techniques including:

  • Content - both guides and landing pages for each game, bonus or product
  • Link-building - finding natural links across the internet relevant to gaming, casino, news and sports
  • On-site SEO work - optimisation of meta-data, images, internal links, sitemaps, crawl errors and more

Our daily tasks include writing content for the website, including a number of landing pages with different games, bonuses and offers and also relevant guides to build up the authority of the website including types of games, payment options, rules, regulations and general news, whilst maintaining the regulatory guidelines from the Gambling Commission.

Understanding the Casino Algorithms

It is common for Google to have different algorithms for different industries including loans, insurance and above all, gambling. This is to ensure quality and push out any websites trying to 'game' Google's search results by exploiting various techniques. 

To understand the algorithm, we have had to look carefully at competitors and those that are performing well, taking into account that some that are doing well have been struck by different penalties and have fluctuated over time. It is a matter of trying to find common themes and techniques and trying to scale them over the next 6-12 months, also making yourself flexible in case you want to reposition and make changes along the way.

How Casino Viking Attracts New Customers

One of the most popular methods to attract new customers or 'players' is to offer incentives including free spins, welcome bonuses, match bonuses and similar. For example, see Casino Bonus UK’s Free Spins Page.

Whilst offering free spins does not generate revenue initially, it is useful to have the customer's details and they may always make a deposit if they like the company and user experience. 

Other methods include using other partners and affiliates to drive players and traffic, although this will usually require giving some form of commission for every sign up or player passed on.

Whilst it is early days with the client, we are seeing some promising signs and are very excited about what we can achieve in the next 6 to 12 months, particularly working on the newest sites in 2020 from CasinoViking

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