A Twitter Success

As a local family business, Norwich Sunblinds have always been keen to support other local businesses, so when they spotted a tweet asking if anyone could showcase some furniture in a shop window, they immediately replied.

The tweet was from Paul Wickett of Zebra Finch whilst taking part in Norfolk Hour. Norfolk Hour is run by the Iceni Magazine. Anyone can join in the conversation using #norfolkhour between 8.30pm and 9.30pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It's a great way for local businesses to connect - which is exactly what happened in this instance.

Zebra Finch upcycle second-hand furniture. Norwich Sunblinds had a look at their website, loved their products, and loved the fact that the upcycling idea fitted in with their own environmentally friendly ethos.

A few weeks later Paul placed some of his key pieces of furniture in the windows of Norwich Sunblinds' St Benedicts Street store. Since then each window display has changed around the furniture. The idea has worked - Paul has sold a number of pieces through the help of Norwich Sunblinds.

Paul's business resonated on many levels with Norwich Sunblinds - both businesses involve craftsmanship - the blinds are made in Attleborough by local craftspeople, Paul uses his craftsmanship to turn unwanted pieces of furniture into beautiful products. Both businesses are committed to being environmentally friendly - Paul by upcycling second hand furniture and Norwich Sunblinds by sourcing all fabrics and components from the UK, thus reducing their carbon footprint. They also recycle their plastic, cardboard and metal and supply off cuts of fabrics to schools, playgroups and colleges.

Norwich Sunblinds are keen to encourage local business whenever they can; they are an active member of Buy Local Norfolk, taking part in the Lord Mayor's Parade last Summer and attending Buy Local exhibitions and networking events. They also promoted local food producers in their prize draw hamper at the Norfolk Chamber exhibition last October.

This is one of the reasons (along with fantastic products and great customer care, of course!) that Norwich Sunblinds have been in business for over 30 years.


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