UEA's Impact: Connecting People + Places

  • Vice-Chancellor, Prof David Richardson
    Vice-Chancellor, Prof David Richardson

Through partnerships, innovation, student and staff spend, widening participation and public engagement, supported by world class teaching and research, UEA is committed to making a positive impact on the economic and social wellbeing of the wider community.


On Thursday 6 June launched it's new report, CONNECTING PEOPLE + PLACES, at a business breakfast hosted by Vice-Chancellor, Prof David Richardson, at Norwich Castle. Connecting People + Places is a showcase of just some of UEA’s activity. The economic analysis has been carried out independently, and the case studies demonstrate some of the wide-ranging ways UEA makes a civic and social impact in the community. These activities encourage literature, sport, art, education, volunteering and music to flourish, and promote the ethos of collaboration and social responsibility that is at UEA’s heart.



Read the full report at www.uea.ac.uk/business to find out more.


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