University of the First Age

The Challenge

Protecting young people from inappropriate content is vital in today’s world. So, when a youth camp in Suffolk needed the internet providing for up to 600 students, they required that their students stayed safe online. The University of the First Age contacted FreeClix to advise them on a bespoke connectivity solution that could satisfy these needs.

University of the First Age provide various forms of training for young people to become confident and successful leaders. Their summer youth camp has 600 students attend over a period of six weeks. The academy’s participants were young adults and their welfare was of prime importance. The University of the First Age wanted students to be able to communicate with family and use social media but ensure that inappropriate content was blocked.

Provide the internet.

As the youth camp was in a very rural location in Suffolk. The SimRush Core product was recommended as it delivers high speed broadband using 4G LTE technology. As SimRush is easily adaptable to a pop up environment, installation was quick and easy. To prevent overspend, the SimRush Core was loaded with a data SIM which was topped up as and when required.

Protect the students.

We ensured the WiFi had two SSID’s (service set identifiers). The first SSID was a portal with unrestricted web access with a password for the camp guardians. We provided a specialised content filtering system. This system had a static public IP address so that the router could recognise where the WiFi traffic is coming from. The guardians were able to login to the content filtering system using their WiFi password and approve or disapprove certain keywords or websites using the content filtering system. The second SSID was a poral for guest-based access that was accessed securely by the students.

The Solution

The SimRush Core provided a temporary safe and secure internet solution during the six-week period successfully. As SimRush has a static IP address, this made it the perfect solution for ensuring the content filtering system could be provided. During the academy students were able to keep in touch with family and friends online safely and securely.

The Result

“Working with FreeClix was simple and straight forward. I had a problem, I explained this to FreeClix. They were solution focused and came up with a hassle-free solution which worked well. I would recommend working with FreeClix, an understanding company which can help with bespoke issues.”

- David Coyle, Head of Operational Effectiveness at UFA


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