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etc..  East Anglia are now supplying the Panasonic KX-NS700, the perfect cost effective and time efficient phone system designed for SMEs.

A new phone system is a big change for any business, but small to medium sized businesses seem to feel the disruption more, and often for little or no reward. The Panasonic KX-NS700 the smart hybrid PBX system (A PBX (private branch exchange) is an internal telephone system that switches calls between users with in the organisation through local lines. The PBX also allows all users to share a certain number of external phone lines) which is not only cost effective but is also easy for our trained engineers to install and maintain, minimising the disruption to you and your business.

The Panasonic KX-NS700 also offers unparalleled flexibility and provides the perfect alternative to cloud-based systems. The system can accommodate between 6 and 288 extensions. Ideal for any small or medium-sized business. The system also provides multiple IP features including mobile linking, integrated voicemail and e-mail, and instant messaging.

The system also offers a wireless solution meaning that you can answer calls anywhere within your business, teamed with the integrated voicemail meaning that you’ll never miss a call again. You can also easily switch between your desktop phone and wireless device so you no longer need to be anchored to your desk for those important phone calls, helping to improve flexibility and increase efficiency.

As well as the wireless solution the Panasonic KX-NS700 also provides mobile phone integration meaning that you can receive customer’s calls almost anywhere. Available on both smart and not so smartphones letting mobiles be used exactly like any other phone extension. You can also use the system to set up receiving incoming calls via mobiles for when you are out of the office or for outside of normal trading hours.

Finally, the Panasonic KX-NS700 also helps to improve your businesses work efficiency. The system allows you to utilise many of the advanced features of a larger more complex telephone system in a straightforward and easy manner. With a number of features designed with the aim of increasing workplace efficiency, including; a call centre solution which routes calls without the need for an external CTI server, automatic voice guidance which lets callers know their position in the queue helping them decide to leave a message or remain on hold improving user experience; and finally call monitoring and history reports, allowing you to analyse caller behaviour and gain insights into how best to systematise your staff and phone


The Panasonic is available at preferential rates for Chamber members. For more information visit: or phone: 01603 400010

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