We Are Working on Cube Funder’s Online Presence

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    Cube Funder provide business loans across the UK

The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) team at Tudor Lodge Consultants are pleased to announce that working with OverThrow Digital, we are working on the online presence, SEO and website for Cube Funder who provide short to medium term business loans and alternatives to merchant loans to a wide range of businesses throughout the UK.

Cube Funder are a brand-new company and have started their campaign from a blank canvas. Working with the design and development teams at OverThrow Digital, we have been able to be involved in this exciting project from its outset. There have been a number of challenges for Cube Funder, mainly not existing prior to starting the online marketing campaign. This has meant that they have not been present on Google and other search engines.

We have therefore undertaken in-depth and detailed keyword research around their target industry and around their target customers’ searches to identify where there is keyword and search traffic worth targeting. From the design phase with OverThrow Digital we have been working to make sure that the design of the site is as clean as possible and that the user experiences are as easy and efficient as possible. This has been a strong emphasis in order to maintain users who arrive on the site.

As part of the initial planning process we have also been working closely with both OverThrow Digital and the team at Cube Funder to make sure that the site architecture is easily navigated upon arrival.

Having launched the website for Cube Funder we have been designing, planning and writing a broad range of landing pages for some of their specific services. These highly optimised pages are designed to rank strongly on Google and other search engines. Through SEO-friendly use of written and visual content, meta data and other criteria we have launched very effective landing pages for the site.

Furthermore, we have gone through all other pages of the website to ensure that they fulfil all of the necessary criteria. This has meant providing every site page with its own unique set of meta data (titles and descriptions). This allows Google to crawl and rank the site in the best possible way; ranking it for the most relevant target terms.

We are now in the process of undertaking a comprehensive content strategy in which we will be improving and increasing their website’s content offering across their services, industry knowledge and offerings to the wider business community in the UK. This has already entailed a large degree of planning and writing of useful information for a dedicated section on the site.

In addition, Cube Funder do not have a substantial link profile as they are new to the inline world. Therefore, we are continuing to build them a clean, strong and reputable link profile around their industry which will see them improve further for their already promising keyword and search term rankings.

Cube Funder are already ranking at this early stage for a number of target keywords such as ‘medium term business loan’ and others. We look forward to continuing on this already successful path and building on these early successes with Cube Funder.

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