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We are thrilled to announce that we are working with Money Savings Advice, a website recently set up by an experienced team of lead generation experts, to provide consumers with the best financial products available. Covering all areas of personal, secured and unsecured finance, Money Savings Advice is already well on the way to becoming a strong, viable prospect and a resounding success.

The search engine optimisation (SEO) team at Tudor Lodge Consultants have been, over the past few weeks working hard and behind the scenes with the design, development and lead generation team at Money Savings Advice. We are working closely to ensure the site is set up from its outset and from the very beginning to capture online users via Google Search.

SEO is at the heart of what Money Savings Advice are working hard to achieve. From Equity release to bridging loans, short term personal loans and even personal funeral plans, the rankings which are expected will cover a wide range of areas.

We have been working with Money Savings Advice on every aspect of their website’s online positioning and SEO and this has already included:

Crawling – We are working to ensure the site is able to rank on and be understood by Google for its desired search terms and phrases. This is paramount from the outset as the content being written is designed to target specific ’clusters’ of searches.

Website Code – The source code of a website is the very basis upon which a website’s information and features are built. Therefore, much like the design of an engine, the source code must be optimised and efficiently structured to function to the optimum level.

Targeting – What the website targets is just as key to its success as how it targets the desired areas. Thus, working with the experienced team at Money Savings Advice to ensure that the best search terms in each area are targeted remains one of the most important tasks thus far.

Online PR – Online PR in SEO is a very important factor, acting as a trust signal to both search engines as well as users and potential customers. We are therefore working with the team at Money Savings Advice to create and disseminate the best PR for the brand for both SEO and user purposes.

Technical SEO – SEO relies on various areas of focus, one of which is the technical SEO. It is in large part, these technical factors which, through the content and PR allow websites to rank and be picked up for the desired terms.

We are looking forward to what the future and the coming months have in store for Money Savings Advice, who are already seeing leaps and bounds of progress in their area, and we are sure there is more to follow.

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