Now more than ever we need to support our teams in the workplace.  They may be working from home, anxiously using public transport to get to work, or battling to soothe their childrens mental health, not to mention their own anxiety about what the future will bring.

When did you last invite everyone to get together and support them ? It's crucial right now to offer a safe regular interactive space so that your team can hear some positive news and learn some simple techniques to enhance their wellbeing and general health.

From the benefits to massage, explaining the Menopause, diet and weightloss, stress managment and how to embrace change, we have a long list of key topics to offer in monthly capsules.

Sign up for a minimum of 6 months, choose your topics and we will do the rest.

Get in touch at www.wellbeinginternational.co.uk or phone us on 01379 677335.

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