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The whole team at Tudor Lodge Consultants is thrilled to announce that we are now working with Business Reviewed, the new way for businesses to discover and explore related services for their business.

Business Reviewed are changing the way in which business services and products are discovered and dealt with. Traditionally, to find business services like accountancy software, business bank accounts, merchant services for retail premises, businesses would undertake what was a very manual research process. Whilst comparison sites certainly exist for the likes of insurance and other consumer financial products, businesses are often left behind.

This is something that the team at Business Reviewed are working to change. 

What We Are Doing

Crawling Factors – Working through the site, we are working to ensure that every page of the Business Reviewed website and all content on the site are crawled [read and understood] by search engines. This has entailed us working on the meta data, on page titles and image tags (alt-texts) to help search engines understand what is on the site and what it all means in the context of search engine rankings.

User-Friendly Factors – In this day and age, user experience and user intent are everything. Hence, it has been one of the priorities to ensure the site is geared up for users to understand the purpose of all of the content on the site and be led to a point of becoming a lead. The Business Reviewed website has taken the specific intent of business owners and decision makers into account throughout the design process.

Content and Information – One of the key factors in SEO is the content and its ability to be read and understood by both readers and search engines. There is a fine line to tread to ensure the content does not become too technical to satisfy search engines, nor too conversational to only satisfy users. Maintaining this fine balance will always be at the forefront of the Business Reviewed website

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