Why choose a sit-stand desk from Flomotion

Why choose a Flomotion height adjustable sit-stand desk.

So, you’ve decided to buy a height adjustable, sit-stand desk. You search online and a host of suppliers come up. How do you choose from the many sit-stand desks available on the market?

We’ve set out some of the reasons why we think we’re different and why you should choose one of our sit-stand desks.

Switch between standing and sitting effortlessly

A Flomotion sit-stand desk allows you to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing. At the touch of a button you can adjust the height of the desk – take your finger off the button and the desk will stop at your chosen height.

Five year warranty

It took us over a year to source what we think are the best height adjustable desk frames on the market. Combining stylish Danish design with the latest technology our desk frames all come with a five year warranty and a choice of three colours, black, white and grey.

Handmade desk tops

We’ve created desk tops from pine railway sleepers, vintage oak, recycled floorboards and antique pine reclaimed from 100 year old French railway carriages to name a few. Don’t worry, if you work in a more traditional office environment, we also offer laminate and veneer desk tops too.

Made to order sit-stand desk

If you’re looking for a desk with specific features, you can choose to have a bespoke, handmade desk top created just for you! The Hi-Rise was a commissioned piece that includes storage draws and two hidden compartments featuring Iroko wood sliding screens.

Any image or design

As creative people we love coming up with new designs but we also enjoy collaborating with local artists, designers and illustrators to design and produce a variety of inspiring designs printed on our birch ply desk tops. We can also custom print desk tops, if you can imagine it, we can create it, a unique desk top just for you!

Free two week trial

We offer a free two week trial and are pretty confident that once you’ve tried one of our desks you will want to keep it!

The trial includes free delivery and set up plus lots of information and advice on how to ergonomically optimise your workspace and maximise the benefits of using a height adjustable, sit-stand desk. Set up of the desk can normally be done within the hour.

Affordability – fit a frame to your existing desk top

If you have a desk or table that you really want to keep, we can fit one of our frames to your existing workstation.  This is the most affordable option available and only costs £499.  Information regarding interest free payments, available on request.

Health, well being and productivity

There are many benefits of working at a sit-stand desk. Research has shown that people who adopt a sit-stand approach to work tend to be much healthier than those who sit for long periods. Sit-stand working improves productivity and concentration, reduces the risk of type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease, increases blood flow,  and improves posture.
Standing at your desk burns 50 more calories an hour than sitting. If you stand for only four hours a day for five days, you’ll burn 1,000 calories. Over a year this adds up to approximately 52,000 extra calories!

Under development

Exciting new designs that are under development include a desk with an easel/drawing board feature and a lightbox desk. We’re also looking into the feasibility of a polished concrete desk top and exploring new ecological materials like boards made from straw and tomato vines and polished pulp.

Sit-stand working free stuff

As part of our commitment to customers we also offer a free app that reminds you to sit and stand throughout the day. Printed material on exercise and stretching routines are included as well as free downloads on exercise, health, fitness and well being. Our website will also be updated regularly with the latest health information and well-being research.

Please give us a call on 01603 490054 to book your free trial or to discuss your requirements.

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