Working With Selective Delivery From Rhino Building & DIY Supplies

The Government has confirmed that, where people are unable to work from home, including many in the construction sector, they should still go to work, where this can be done in accordance with guidance published by Public Health England ( Therefore, construction contractors, subcontractors or workers delivering construction projects, those involved in the manufacturing, supply and distribution of construction products, builders merchants and logistics, or the provision of relevant professional services, should be viewed as falling within the scope of this guidance.

So on this basis at Rhino Building & DIY Supplies  we have tried to continue with a selective delivery service as we are operating on minimal staff, on top of which we are struggling to obtain more goods in which to sell as many suppliers have closed down.

We gave priority to those who are deemed as essential workers and have done all we can to assist the local community. We have provided goods to doctors surgery who have been told they are able to coronavirus test and also now issue prescriptions in light of the pandemic. Of course the health and safety elements do not go away so alterations need to be made in order to make that happen.
We also have assisted local doctors surgery with PPE including overalls and masks. I am uncertain how much longer we will be able to sustain this and we are very fortunate to have such a great committed team assisting us in keeping the wheels moving.

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