Wroxham firm deploys next-generation CCTV

  • 360° Fisheye Camera Controlled View

Dragon Security Systems is leading the region in the installation of 360-degree fast response cameras in libraries and other public buildings and has already showcased the product to supermarkets, food manufacturers, local authorities, schools and other potential clients. 

The unique package combines all-round camera technology with associated ‘de-warping software’ which transforms the images from the fisheye lens perspective into a flat image that the human eye can relate to on monitor screens.

Central to the security package delivered by the Wroxham-based company is its ability to offer all-round visibility from a single central camera rather than having a CCTV system that relies on multiple fixed cameras.

Dragon Security Systems managing Director Richard Lawrie explained: “The key benefit is that the 360 camera reduces the numbers of cameras required on a site.

 “The central camera performs the role that four or five fixed cameras currently carry out and as well as clear cost benefits it also virtually eliminates blind spots.”

Dragon recently demonstrated the system at its Wroxham base to a specially-invited audience drawn from a range of key sectors including supermarkets, department stores, MoD suppliers, food manufacturers, academy and private schools, count council city council town council, bus company, police, property developer and a football club.

Teaming up with Roys (Wroxham) Ltd department store, it showcased the technology and beamed back images from the store premises to its main offices.

“The demonstration not only showed the capabilities of the camera and system but also the remote monitoring capability to an audience that was in a separate location at our offices,” said Mr Lawrie.

The system can constantly record, or be set to record motion-only when triggered by movement, but also has the capability for the operator to focus in on a specific area and enhance the detail to view any incident or event at any given time.

“This is crucial from a health and safety perspective as well as a security position and is important in the evidence-gathering process,” he added.

Typical examples of its capabilities include helping to provide evidence if, for example a supermarket faces a claim for damages following an incident, or it can help prevent or track theft, and identify intruders. In petrol stations, it can help with drive-off offences or other forecourt incidents and accidents.

Another example is in the food manufacturing sector; if batch becomes contaminated, the camera can help isolate a suspected conveyor line and time when the contamination may have occurred.

The images can be monitored live or on a recording and with its remote monitoring capability, images can be viewed from anywhere in the world via laptop or mobile phone.

A store or premises that have several branches, for example, with a camera system in each branch will only need one central monitoring facility, reducing the need for manpower. There is also the option for split screens to view different branches at the same time.

The 360 camera constantly records the whole 360 panorama and continues to record even when footage is being monitored from a specific area, explained Dragon’s sales director John Ketteridge.

“One big advantage,” he added, “is that when a store, supermarket, library or other premises changes its layout, sometimes the fixed corner cameras will have the view amended or blocked.


“The central 360 camera, however, does not have this problem, which means that a room can be changed without affecting the monitoring position and the surveillance results.”

However, the over-riding benefit is in terms of cost with one central camera performing the role of several. A typical four-camera fixed installation will cost £5,575 whereas a single 360 degree fisheye lens system is £4,485, a saving of about 20 per cent, or almost £1100.

There are also reduced installation costs for the new cameras, which can also still be implemented in a CCTV system using a mix of camera types.

Mr Lawrie said the camera delivers a comprehensive security and safeguarding element, whether for staff, customers, products or production processes and health & safety protection.

“The combination of cameras and software working together are exceptional and the review, monitoring and analytic capabilities and options are of the highest quality,” he added.

Potential customers can contact Dragon Security Systems for a free survey for the highly-versatile and flexible system.



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