Brexit: What is the impact on your business?

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  • You have until 10 December 2018 to complete the survey

The ‘Norfolk Business Brexit Sounding Board’ is a Norfolk County Council forum for Norfolk businesses to raise and discuss issues impacting on them as a result of Brexit.

It works in collaboration with partners including Norfolk Chamber, Norwich Airport, the FSB, CBI, University of East Anglia and some well-known local businesses such as: Kettle Foods, Lovewell Blake, Birketts, Saxon Air and Regional Freight. 

On 14th November, the UK and European Commission jointly published a draft Withdrawal Agreement (WA) and outline of the Political Declaration (PD).  These documents represent the agreements reached by the UK and EU officer-level negotiations. For full details and more information click here.

Following the publication of the Withdrawal Agreement, the Brexit Sounding Board wants to understand how the local business community is feeling now.  We would like you to take part in a short survey – it only takes a few minutes and your responses will help form the basis of the discussions for Brexit Sounding Board going forwards.

Complete the survey now

The deadline for completing the survey is Monday 10 December 2018.

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