West Norfolk: It's good to talk

At a recent West Norfolk Chamber Council meeting, a lively discussion was held on topics ranging from broadband and the regeneration of the town centre, to increasing Chamber engagement with the local business community.

The members agreed that more effort should be made to highlight the positive aspects of doing business in West Norfolk and discussed how to ensure the West Norfolk business voice is heard.  They decided on a dialogue exercise with Chamber members based in West Norfolk.  The Chamber Council will take a cross-section of West Norfolk Chamber members and hold one-to-one conversations with them as to what their main issues are, how the Chamber can engage further with these members, and what we can all do to create economic prosperity in West Norfolk.

Heather Garrod, President of West Norfolk Chamber Council said “it is important that the business community plays an active part in helping to promote economic growth in West Norfolk.  Engaging on a one-to-one basis with local businesses will contribute towards the ‘voice of West Norfolk business’ being heard at a local, regional and national level.”

The West Norfolk Chamber Council members also highlighted that improved broadband in West Norfolk is an essential tool to promote economic growth and will help level the playing field for SMEs.  Currently, the larger organisations can afford to install fibre-optic cables to their business premises however, for smaller organisations this cost prohibitive.  Over the next 12 to 18 months BT will be improving access to broadband and are currently rolling out fibre-optic cabling in Clenchwarton and West Lynn.  West Norfolk Chamber Council members are keen to see that businesses throughout West Norfolk benefit from the anticipated broadband improvements.

The King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council’s Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) was debated.  This initiative involves the regeneration of the town by linking the retail core with the historic town centre.  This regeneration will be fundamental in improving what King’s Lynn has to offer and will help attract both tourism and business to the area and the West Norfolk Chamber Council is in full support of this project.

If you are a West Norfolk Chamber member and want to be involved in the dialogue exercise, please contact Nova Fairbank on Tel: 01603 729713 or Email: nova.fairbank@norfolkchamber.co.uk.

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