What additional development do you want to see in the Greater Norwich area?

  • Many residential development suggestions have been received as part of the Greater Norwich Local Plan
  • Land off Silfield Road that is being proposed as part of a Garden Village - Picture Credit: Google

The Greater Norwich Development Partnership, a collaboration between Norwich, Broadland and South Norfolk’s councils, is in the process of piecing together a new local plan for the area.

Earlier this year, 562 submissions were mooted in the first phase of establishing the blueprint for development over the next 18 years.

The current phase has seen an additional 202 possible sites put forward, which are now open for public consultation.  Suggestions include a wide variety of residential developments across the region; industrial/warehousing site at Attlebridge, housing and employment site at Honingham and a potential Garden Village off Silfield Road.

The overall plan is being put together to help Norwich City, Broadland and South Norfolk councils establish how they could shape development in the area in the coming years.

Stuart Vincent, Chairman of the Greater Norwich Development Partnership - which represents all three councils, said: “This is a further chance for people to have their say before a draft plan is put forward for consultation next year.  The more people who contribute, the better the plan will reflect the views of people who live, work and run businesses here.”

There is still time to have your say as the consultation, is open until Friday, 14 December.  It can be found on the Greater Norwich Local Plan website.

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