60 Minute Workshop - Be Your Best Self

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Wednesday, 9 October, 2019 -
09:30 to 10:30
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, Norwich Business Park, 9 Whiting Road, NR4 6DJ
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Be your best self in life and business with the science of Positive Psychology and Mindfulness. Learn how to use the latest neuroscience to transform your life and your business to achieve success. Session will include science and research, practical sessions and tools and tips to take away for yourself and your business to create happier, calmer and more productive people and workplaces.


  • Upskill attendees on Positive Psychology and Mindfulness tools to take away for their wellbeing, productivity and focus.
  • To help attendees understand the latest science in Positive psychology and how it creates more productive people and organisations.
  • Bringing to life Positive Psychology research for attendees in a practical way shown to make organisations 31% more productive.
  • For attendees to experience and understand their Strengths, and why using them in business is important and has been shown by research to create more productive organisations.
  •  Help attendees understand the research behind why Mindfulness is important, how it works and creates more effective people, organisations and businesses.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and experience what Positive Psychology is and why its important for people and business
  • Understand and experience Mindfulness and why its important for people and business
  • Bust common myths about Positive Psychology and Mindfulness
  • Understand and apply Strengths
  • Take away tools to use to be better versions of yourself and create better businesses.

Who should attend:

Individuals and businesses with a desire to learn how they can create calmer, more focused and more productive versions of themselves and improve their workplaces/businesses. Anyone with an interest in how Positive Psychology and Mindfulness can help them use the latest neuroscience to be at their best.

Bio about yourself:

Gemma Sandwell Bsc Hons is an International Coaching Federation accredited coach, Mindfulness Teacher and Positive Psychology Practitioner.

Gemma has worked with several organisations such as Aviva as a Leadership coach and Mindfulness teacher and uses Coaching, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness to help people and businesses flourish.


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