60 Minute Workshop - Company Vision and Values

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Friday, 21 February, 2020 -
09:30 to 10:30
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, Norwich Business Park, 9 Whiting Road, NR4 6DJ
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This workshop will explore how creating a company vision, values and behaviours can help improve your business culture and employee happiness. James will share with attendees’ ways to create and implement a 1 3 5 which can be incorporated into an employee appraisal process.

• Help businesses improve their company culture and employee happiness
• Demonstrate why having a company vision and values is important
• Share the benefits of the 1 3 5 process using Indigo Swan as an example
• Guide attendees through creating a one-page business/people strategy

Learning Objectives:
• Explore how outlining expected behaviours can have a positive impact on company culture
• Demonstrate how to create and implement a 1 3 5 process successfully
• Delve into how the process will evolve overtime as businesses develop
• Look at how to successfully implement a 1 3 5 in the appraisal process

Who should attend:
Businesses who are looking to improve their company culture or appraisal process. Anyone who hasn’t heard of a 1 3 5 and the benefits it can bring.

Bio about speaker:
James is Managing Director of Award-Winning Energy Consultancy Indigo Swan. He is an inspirational leader and his caring approach to his team (the swans) is felt by all that meet him. Since joining Indigo Swan, he has played a key part in the company’s growth as well as creating the ‘happiness first’ culture they have become recognised for.

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