60 Minute Workshop - Manage a Negotiation

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Tuesday, 15 October, 2019 -
10:00 to 11:00
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, Norwich Business Park, 9 Whiting Road, NR4 6DJ
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Negotiation is something that everyone does every day. It happens within all business areas, internal & external, e.g. within a team or with a customer and/or a supplier. Sometimes people do not know that negotiation is happening until it has happened.

Very few people in business have had any training on the ‘how to’ of negotiation. In this 60 minute session you will learn to become more comfortable and prepared when negotiating, and therefore better outcomes can be achieved.

Interactive and fun, this session provides all attendees a great opportunity to practice negotiating.  There will be two different types of negotiations during the workshop.

Additionally, this session provides all those who attend the opportunity to interact, ask questions, learn more about how to negotiate better and improve their skills.


Most people do not manage a negotiation, the negotiation manages them.

Participants will leave with insights and tools that will help them to become better prepared and be better able to participate in a negotiation. When you are better prepared likelihood is you are more effectively and efficiently.


Many people find that negotiating is an uncomfortable position to be in and they avoid negotiation as this is seen as confrontational. This session will help you to understand why you are uncomfortable and what you can do to become more comfortable and prepared.

  • Be better prepared to negotiate.
  • Help participants to become more comfortable with negotiating.  
  • Understand why you do not get what you want, when currently negotiating.
  • Walkaway point – why you need to know this before the negotiation commences.
  • Opening point – why you need to know this before the negotiation commences.


This educational session is suitable for business owners, sole traders, managers of people, buyers, sales people, sales managers, sales directors, HR and finance professionals.

Anyone who negotiates anything with anyone will find value in attending this workshop. If you wish to manage a negotiation and not let a negotiation manage you.


From Pepsi to Goodyear, Trevor Burfield has learnt the art of selling and built a successful international career on winning with the customer. After three decades of selling he's now applying his knowledge and skills to developing talent in a range of organisations. He's built a reputation for being an engaging and energetic trainer. Over 1,000 sales professionals have now benefited from Trevor's coaching, mentoring and guidance. 

Trevor's experience spans selling to customers ranging from corner shops to global giants such as Toyota and General Motors. His expertise in customer relations, mastering complex negotiations and delivering customer service excellence means he is now in demand as a trainer, specialising in building sales capability across a range of diverse organisations. 

His focus on win-win outcomes is driven by the mindset of defining key differentiators and how to maximise revenue.

He calls this “Managing a Negotiation”.

As a proud East Anglia based business professional, Trevor is looking forward to a fast paced, enlightening workshop exchanging knowledge and tips with fellow local entrepreneurs and businesses.


After attending negotiation courses organised by and given by Trevor I can honestly say that it has changed my whole way of thinking and took me down a path I would never had trodden. I can wholeheartedly recommend the type of negotiation training that Trevor gives to really make an impact to whoever receives it. 

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