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  • Get Agile in a Day 29th of July

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Thursday, 29 July, 2021 -
10:00 to 16:00
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Learn how Agile methods are used in practice through group activities and personal reflection!


About This Event:

Right now a project is failing. Projects fail or suffer delays every single day. The failure of projects is almost never technology. It is because of poor management of people and tasks!

Agile project management is a way of approaching a project using small and powerful teams. These teams take greater ownership of tasks, understand the bigger picture and work on a cycle of continuous improvement to accelerate towards being the best they can be.


What Will We Cover:

This session will provide you with an overview of what Agile project management is, where it comes from and the potential power it has for small teams. In this workshop, we will be discussing how you can apply Agile to all kinds of project management, and the session will be an interactive experience for you to learn Agile and Scrum Framework concepts. Further, the day will provide you with clear and engaging demonstrations of how Agile methods are used in practice through group activities and personal reflection and we will also share some quick wins with you to help you get started on your Agile journey.


Who Should Attend:

• Anyone who is unsure if Agile is the right approach for them

• Anyone who manages a team and wants to improve productivity

• Anyone who wants to improve communication amongst a team

• Anyone who is sick of projects running past deadlines

• Anyone who needs greater cohesion and team focus


What Will You Get:

  • 5 hours of Agile training
  • A good working understanding of Agile Project Management and the Scrum basics such as values, principles, roles and artifacts
  • Hands-on and practical exercises
  • Your own ‘Get Agile in a Day Toolkit’, a personal collection of tools to help you visualise how Agile methodologies can be implemented in your business, note important realisations and plan your next Agile steps
  • Access to all supporting course material, including post-access to the Miro board that will be used during the session
  • Networking opportunities during breakout rooms and other interactive exercises


Following the session, the Business Development Team at Hethel Innovation will be available to make 1-2-1 appointments to help you and your team become even more Agile!


What Have Others Said:

“Really enjoyed the session, this is the first kind of session like this I have joined and I found it very informative and would definitely recommend.”

“Thank you for a superb event. If anyone is on the fence about attending. Take a day out. It'll do the team a world of good to look at projects through this approach.”


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