How to Make Google Love Your Website: Keyword Research and Content (SEO Part 1)

  • Search Engine Optimisation

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Wednesday, 13 February, 2019 -
09:15 to 13:30
The Elms Business Space, 7 The Elms, St Faith's Road, Norwich NR6 7BP
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This in-depth day session takes you on a journey of learning the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); exploring exactly what is required to rank higher in search engines.

Through a combination of theory and practical examples, this intense SEO workshop will help you understand:

  • How Search Engines Work

  • The principles of how to make Google love your website

  • Understanding your user and what they are searching for

  • How to perform keyword research

  • How to write for Google

  • The principles of Content Marketing

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to help those who are responsible for making more money online for businesses. It is especially useful for Website Owners, Marketing Managers and Digital Marketing Managers that want clarity on ways in which they can improve Google search visibility and drive more relevant organic traffic to their website. For those looking to break into new international markets, you will learn how to identify opportunities and avoid the most common challenges and pitfalls businesses face.

Whether you are completely new to SEO or someone that has been exploring the basics and is looking for more, this is the perfect session for you.

The course starts with the basics but quickly extends to the technical detail that would be appropriate for those that would like to enhance their online search presence.

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