Introduction to Excel

Event Details

Tuesday, 22 January, 2019 -
09:30 to 16:00

Location: Carrowbreck House, 7 Carrowbreck Road, Norwich, NR6 5FA

The course is designed for users new to Excel. It will provide trainees with the confidence, knowledge and practical experience to use Excel, to create and manipulate spreadsheets and produce printed reports. Delegates should have sufficient Windows experience beforehand.

Duration: One-day course (9:30am – 4:00pm approximately)

Equipment: No equipment is necessary for you to bring to the course. Pens and note paper will be available.

Lunch provided: For full day training courses a sandwich lunch with crisps and cakes will be provided. Refreshments will be available throughout the duration of this course.

Course Content
The Excel Screen
Ribbons, Quick Access Toolbar, Formula Bar, and Status Bar
Workbooks and Sheet Tabs
Data Entry
Types of Data
Data Entry Techniques
In Cell Editing
Drag & Drop
Using AutoFill to fill Adjacent Cells and Extend Series, Custom Lists
Formulae and Functions
Simple formulas & Functions
Relative and Absolute References
Named Ranges
Paste Function
Average, Max, Min & Count Functions
Multiple Panes
Freeze and Unfreeze
Formatting a Worksheet
Using Borders and Shading to improve presentation
Font & Number Formatting, Alignment
Print Preview & Setup
Headers & Footers
Print Row/Column headings
File Management
Saving, Closing and opening files
New Workbooks
Good Working Practice
Creating a Chart
Creating Charts
An explanation of different versions

Course Price: Prices range from £74.00 - £96.00

For more details or any enquiries, please contact us on 01603 788950, or email

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