Rainmaker Programme (ILM Level 5)

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Monday, 3 February, 2020 (All day)
Suites 3-5, Wensum Mount Business Centre, Low Road, Norwich, NR6 5AQ
Member Rate: 

£1,995 + VAT with qualification
£1500 + VAT excluding qualification

Non-Member Rate: 

£1,995 + VAT with qualification
£1500 + VAT excluding qualification

Our Rainmaker Programme is designed for experienced senior managers who wish to step up their leadership capability to deliver improvement in themselves, their area of responsibility and their business. The learning gained has been proven to offer immediate impact and results together with an insightful journey into yourself, and your impact and ability to lead others and your business/area.

The programme is delivered in a practical framework over a 6 month period, which will allow you to reflect and apply the learning. Together with your programme colleagues and experienced Tutor you will:

  • Be challenged to think more strategically about areas of improvement within your business, and turn it into a viable and robust plan
  • See the opportunities available to improve your level of efficiency and effectiveness which will inspire you and others you lead
  • Gain invaluable, real life practical tools and know how to create an engaged workforce and performance culture
  • Create opportunities which will impact on the growth and profitability of your business

Programme Overview

By completing our Rainmaker Programme you will have achieved the learning to progress completion of the ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management. The units are Leading Innovation and Change and Managing for Efficiency and Effectiveness.

The following details the Programme Overview.

Day 1

  • Change Video to frame programme and participants thinking around Change
  • What is Leadership? What makes Leadership important in the change process?
  • Leadership versus Management, and the key responsibilities of the Leadership role
  • Logical Life Levels – fascinating model which demonstrates the trick to sustaining change
  • The importance of change and innovation
  • Changes in your organisation/area and understanding the drivers

Day 2

  • Understanding your vision, mission and values and the importance of clarity
  • How do you translate your vision into operational objectives and cascade these to your people?
  • Environmental Scanning and Core Competence Analysis: Understanding our external landscape
  • Assessing opportunities for innovation and improvement in your area of responsibility
  • Techniques including Force Field Analysis to consider the need for change
  • Aligning your own vision and opportunities for change and making change happen
  • Understand how to create a change management plan, including stakeholder management

Homework: To consider a change to be implemented in your area, and use the learning to create a change management plan.

Day 3

  • Conflicts between Efficiency and Effectiveness – how both inter-relate in business
  • Initiating Efficiency and Effectiveness improvements in your area of responsibility
  • Driving your strategy through people not just process – the importance of empowering people
  • Empowering and motivating people to achieve objectives - including Motivational Mapping
  • Building Trust – how do you do it?
  • Managing the performance of people and aligning practice to ensure optimum results

Day 4

  • Leading people through change – what should you be mindful of?
  • Making change business as usual
  • Creating a coaching culture to empower ownership and responsibility
  • Leadership communication to inspire and overcome challenges
  • Understanding Followership

Day 5

  • Managing your resilience
  • Critiquing your Leadership and Management capability
  • Leadership Feedback
  • Personal Development Planning and Priority Management

This course is a five day programme (one day a month), running 9:30am - 4:30pm starting 3rd February 2020.

To book your place or find out more, contact us:

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Email: info@turningfactor.com
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