What is a Design Sprint?

  • What is a Design Sprint? Taster 13th October 2021

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Wednesday, 13 October, 2021 -
10:00 to 11:00
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Join us for a quick session about Design Sprints! Learn what they are and how they can change the way your business tackles challenges.


Design Sprint - What's It About?


Got a business challenge? Who hasn’t! If the term design sprint is not one you’ve come across before, then sit back and let us pinpoint all the benefits of this wide-scope development process. The possibilities of what can be achieved during a 1–5-day sprint are endless! But here are the basics:


A design sprint is a process typically 1-5 days long, which allows businesses or teams to address specific challenges and create actionable solutions quickly whilst reducing risk and gaining invaluable feedback.

A sprint typically takes over a week, from selecting a challenge to a live interview and demonstration with an early adopter.

Not every organisation needs or can allow a whole week to focus on a sprint, and as a result we've revised the sprint process to be delivered at a length that suits the organisation, from 1 day to 5 days!


Who can attend?


  • Business leaders or teams who have an ongoing or upcoming business challenge
  • Anyone who wants to learn what a design sprint is and what it can do for their business


Here's what some of the businesses who carry out our full Design Sprints have to say:


“It was great to spend the day with the team at Hethel Innovation, who ran our design sprint in a relaxed and focused way. We left with far greater clarity on our value proposition and would recommend them to other developing companies” Encend IO.


“The sprint process was very personalised and responsive to our needs, giving us time to engage with the most important topics. Facilitation was professional, and suggestions were constructive - would highly recommend for any business."



Please contact mcopsey@hethelinnovation.com if you have any questions about the webinar.



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