How to Improve your Sales Success

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Thursday, 23 May, 2019 -
13:00 to 16:30
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, Norwich Business Park, 9 Whiting Road, NR4 6DJ
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The biggest challenge faced by every SME is that they don’t have enough leads coming into their business. The second is that when they do arrive, they aren’t always able to easily convert these leads into customers.

This transformational session ran by Matt Sykes from Salescandance is designed to help you understand how to address those two problems. Selling is a fundamental business skill that is totally learnable and one that anyone can master.  

If you’re frustrated that your hard work isn’t bringing you the sales revenue you want and you’re looking to build and execute a proven sales process that will shift you towards Sales Success, this course is for you.  


Through a process of practical diagnosis, the delegate will get genuine clarity on areas of their sales process which is under-utilised and could be leveraged; at Salescadence we call this ‘latent potential’. 

Delegates will quickly recognise that selling is a ‘science not an art’, a process-driven activity where doing the right things, to a high standard and consistently beats any ‘magic words’ or complex closing technics that are no longer applicable in todays business environment. 

Learning Objectives

  • Leave with a clear plan showing where and how you can improve your sales skills 
  • Understand the benefits of measuring sales capacity and learn how to build sales capability
  • Get an insight into how Mindset & Attitude can help create predictable and consistent sales results    

Who should attend:

Whilst we do train groups of sales teams, Salescadence specialises in delivering 121 sales training and mentoring specifically for single-owner entrepreneurs and owners of SME’s who are having some sales success with their sales growth, but want to find out how to create more. 

About your trainer:

Matt Sykes is Managing Director at Salescadence, the transformational Sales Training company that helps personality-led business owners convert more of their leads into customers. He is also author of ‘Sales Glue’- the vital ingredient that makes Sales Success stick! 

For over twenty years, Matt developed a wealth of sales knowledge and experience from his role as European Sales Director for a leading global Packaging company. In 2014, in opted to leave the corporate world to follow his passion for training and has since successfully delivered Sales & Personal Development skills to over 2,000 people across a wide range of sectors including Telecoms, Automotive, Media, Construction, Packaging and Manufacturing. 




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