Norfolk Day

Norfolk Day


Norfolk Day is coming!!! Bunting at the ready? Norfolk Day is only weeks away, so don’t forget to make a note of it in your diary: Friday, July 27, 2018. Now’s the time to plan how you and your business, or your family and friends will join in the fun and celebrate all that is great about Norfolk.

There are so many ways to celebrate this great day, such as a picnic with family and friends, or a visit to the coast, or a street party, or check out the great things being organised across the county #NorfolkDay or come and see us Norwich Cathedral.

Norfolk Day - 15 Sec Vid Call
Eye Film - 15 Sec Video Tips
JMS Group - 15 Sec Video Tips
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This is a great opportunity to show the ‘wow’ factor and let people know all about the innovative things that are going on in the business environment too. So how can you and your business get involved with this event? It’s time to get your video cameras out and start filming a 15-second film about you and your business for our new viral campaign.

We need attention-grabbing films that give an insight into your businesses, your leaders, what you do, why and how, this is what we are aiming for. We want to capture and reveal, the innovative, progressive, and creative work companies are undertaking every day across the county, and beyond.

Providing us with a real-life glimpse into the professional business world, and the great things happening here is what it is all about. Whether you want to show your MD talking about the company or a clip of the factory, your office or your colleagues on their commute to work - the possibilities are endless, so let’s get creative!

Our aim is to create a campaign that will have an impact and stop people in their tracks, making them consider the many great things happening in Norfolk today. To add weight to the campaign, both the EDP and BBC will be supporting the project on their media channels.

These show-stopping films will run throughout July until Norfolk Day on Friday 27 July, after which we plan to present the films at a special event – details to be confirmed. Prizes will be awarded for the most creative and funniest films (we know you will keep these entirely professional!).

We are really pleased to say that we have enlisted a team of talented professionals to help with the project:

  • Tin Can Digital 
  • JMS Group
  • Eye Film

There will even be an opportunity to attend a masterclass on how to get the ball rolling on this project.

Your Chamber needs you!

This project can only happen with your help. If you haven’t yet got involved, there’s still time! Here’s how you and your business can take part in the campaign.

  • Add your film to twitter #15SecBiz
  • Visit the Norfolk Day Shop, where you can purchase balloons, bunting, celebration packs, flags and posters to help you decorate your office and celebrate on the day.
  • Let us know what your business has planned for Norfolk Day - are you organising a special event like a product launch or will you be opening your doors to the public? Email your plans to
  • Keep up to date on activity planned for Norfolk Day by visiting the EDP's dedicated Norfolk Day website
  • Download the Norfolk Day logo from our website
  • Join in and promote the event on social media, tweet @NorfolkChamber #NorfolkDay or log on to the Norfolk Day Facebook group.

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